Moving Boxes & Packaging Supplies In Singapore

Using quality materials keeps your items safe and clean during moving and storage. We have three sizes of great value boxes, bubble wrap, clear stretch film (for keeping out dust and scratches), tape, box cutters, marker pens and other packing materials available for purchase at our reception. With our service managers present on site, selecting your packing materials will never be so easy.

We made our boxes with recycled materials to support sustainability. We understand that you lead a full life, so we designed our boxes with a labelling section on the sides for you to list the items in each box. We pay attention to the small but oh-so-important details so that you can focus on the people and things that you love.

Although our facilities are manned by 24 hour CCTVs, all storage units will still need to be secured with an individual padlock after which you keep your own key and access your items anytime. To help you with this, padlocks are also conveniently available at our reception.

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Small Box

Small box

44 cm (w) x 44 cm (l) x 43.8 cm (h) - Double Ply

The small box is ideal for packing books, magazines, crockery, kitchen utensils and other small heavy items.

Large Box

Large Box

54 cm (w) x 54 cm (l) x 53.8 cm (h) - Double Ply

The large box is suitable for packing bulky but light items such as pillows, linens, blankets, cushions, towels, lampshades and soft toys.

No tape required
Document Box

Document Box

41 cm (w) x 32 cm (l) x 29.6 cm (h) - Single Ply

This box is easy to assemble and requires no tapes. The document box is great for archived files, documents, stationery, DVD/CDs, holiday ornaments and knick-knacks.

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Disc Padlock

70 mm diameter

Our stainless steel disc padlock features a shrouded and hardened steel shackle to which is not easily cut or saw to better securing your unit. Each padlock comes with two brass keys.

Best seller
Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

50 cm x 200 cm

Our bubble wrap is ideal for wrapping fragile items before packing them into boxes. It is also useful for protecting the edges and sharp corners of furniture.


Clear Sticky Tape

Excellent for sealing boxes to protect the contents from dust.


Marker Pen

Black or Blue

$1.80 /each

Pen Knife

Stretch Film

Stretch Film

40% OFF
Vacuum Bag

Vacuum Compression Bag

50 cm x 70 cm / 70 cm x 100 cm


Boltless Shelf

120 cm x 60 cm x 210 cm