How to Use Self Storage Units

If you feel that you would like to free up precious space in your home or office and leave your items in a safe and convenient place, simply drop by our reception and we’ll show you how self storage works. Store It! self storage offers a range of both air conditioned and non-air conditioned storage options, affordable rates, flexible terms, and dedicated customer service to make the process as quick and hassle-free as possible.

Once you have found the right self storage unit, you can reserve it or use the storage unit right away. Once you move in, lock up your unit and visit whenever, and you may also upsize or downsize any time the volume of your storage items change.
With free, unlimited access to your belongings 24/7, you may visit the self storage location any day and time most convenient to you. Let us help your items make Store It! a home away from home.

Get a quote

We make the process of getting self storage quotations easy.

  • Online enquiries
    Get-a-quote online to have an indication of the self storage rates. Simply fill in the form with your contact details so that we may contact you to follow up on your self storage requirements or considerations. Then drop by our reception to allow us to confirm your selection.
  • Phone enquiries
    Phone us for a self storage quotation which also enables you to get those frequently asked questions answered and allow us to address your concerns right away.
  • Walk in enquiries
    What we love best is for you to visit us during our reception hours so that we may provide answers to all your questions on the spot! Most customers make a better decision once they have visualised the self storage space. We’ll even let you choose your auspicious 4-digit storage unit number if you want to and if it is available.

Size Estimator

Not sure about what size storage unit you need? A 25 sq. ft. small storage unit is about the size of a HDB lift in Singapore and a 96 sq. ft. large storage unit is approximately the size of a common bedroom. Envision your boxes and furniture stacked neatly up to the height limit and now you’ve found yourself the self storage unit most suitable for your needs. You may also install a boltless shelf in your storage unit to keep things even more organised. Our 25 sq. ft. storage unit fits one shelf and leaves the rest of the floor space available for larger furniture.

Find us

Store It! self storage facilities are located in two great areas that are accessible by major roadways as well as by bus or MRT. Our Leng Kee Road facility offers fully air conditioned self storage units to keep your belongings away from Singapore’s heat and humidity, while our West Coast facility offers both non-air conditioned and air conditioned self storage units.

Boxes and packing supplies

Store It! receptions are a one stop shop for all your storage and packing needs. Boxes are always a good idea to organise your belongings, enabling you to label the items inside, while keeping them dust free. Our boxes are made from recycled material and are available in three sizes. Other items like tape and markers are also available, as well as bubble wrap to keep those fragiles safe.

At Store It! we always focus on security. So even if our facilities are monitored with close circuit cameras, using a padlock to secure your storage unit is an absolute must! For your benefit, we sell strong and secure padlocks at our reception as well.