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Store It! Blog: Moving and Self Storage Tips

Getting ready for a move? There’s no doubt you have a million things on your mind and are looking for the easiest way to get everything done. You need to create a moving plan, pack your belongings into boxes, figure out the logistics of getting your stuff to the new location, and then unpack and reorganise everything once you get there – whether it’s at a storage unit or your home (or both). This all can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, Store It! can help. From packing advice to moving and storage tips, our blog has everything you need to have an efficient and low-hassle move.

Preparation is the key to a successful transition from your old space to a new or storage space, for both businesses and individuals. Knowing what to expect and having easy access to moving and packing tips that can help you manage all of the important details makes for a smoother relocation. Review our articles to find useful information on topics related to:

  • Organisation and scheduling
  • Proper planning and preparation
  • How to pack for storage and safe transfer
  • Moving logistics
  • Deciding what can go into storage versus what must come with you
  • The best way to situate your items on a truck and in a unit
  • Packing tips to maximise space
  • Consider the Store It! blog your number one resource for packing, moving and self-storage tips, and check back periodically to get the latest advice and information. Our goal is to provide you the support and knowledge you need to have a low-stress, convenient and successful move.

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