Customer Stories and Testimonials

Over the years we have served thousands of happy Store It! self storage customers. We have met users of personal storage as well as those using for business storage. Several have been with us since 2005 and many returning storers have become friends and familiar faces in our facility. Some of our valued customers have been kind enough to leave their reviews so that others may understand why they should choose Store It! as their one-stop self storage solution.


R Tan

Storing our family’s household and personal items at Store It! has been a breeze. The location is great and car parking is always available. However, I must say that Store It! best feature is their staff! They are professional, attentive, always available and service oriented. Their willingness to understand our needs and meet them impressed me as well.
The overall experience at Store It! is fantastic, I would rate them 9.5 out of a full scale of 10.

R Tan, Personal storage user

Ebbe Larsen

My family and I are big believers in reuse, repurpose and recycle. We do not throw things out unless they become completely unusable. Hence, renting a storage unit became an obvious lifestyle choice for us where we can store things that we use less frequently in our storage unit and retrieve it when we need to use it. We also store our old decorative items which we use along with the new things that we have bought to decorate our house during festive seasons.

Ebbe Larsen, Personal storage user

Abdul Rashid

I have chosen to store my carpets for my online business at Store It! West Coast because of its affordable prices and convenient location. The storage facility is near to both my home and workplace, so it is really very convenient for me to access my storage unit whenever I need to get something out or stock-up new carpets, plus I have 24 hours access via a personal pin code.

I am also very happy with the cleanliness of the facility which is important for the upkeep of my carpets which I sell online. In addition, the staff are always helpful and friendly.

Abdul Rashid, Online carpet retailer Naif Avenue,


I have been storing with Store It! West Coast since 2012 for my trading business which mainly supplies speciality tapes to retailers. I was looking for a place to store my ever growing business stock, back then accessibility and cleanliness were my top priorities when selecting the storage facility. Store It! had fully met my expectations for the past two years in term of safety, easy accessibility and cleanliness. I will definitely recommend Store It! to any of my friends and family members that would require storage solutions in Singapore. The bonus is the staff here are extremely helpful and friendly.

Ryan, Local trading company