Celebrating 12 Years in BusinessAbout Store It! Self Storage

Store It! is one of Singapore’s pioneers in Self Storage. Since our inception in 2005, we have moved in thousands of customers requiring personal or commercial storage. Currently, we have two facilities, Store It! Leng Kee and Store It! West Coast. Both are located in well-known, highly accessible roads, which fulfils our intention of locating in great locations for the convenience of our customers, as well as for the best visibility of our buildings.

Our self storage facility caters to users of both personal and business storage. We see many families in between homes or renovating, and also many families in between babies, storing prams, cots and toys. Then there are our blog shop entrepreneurs, some fresh out of school who can be seen sorting out their inventory, but also larger corporate firms storing equipment, or using the units for document storage. Customers who have experienced self storage are addicted to its convenience and privacy. Once a customer signs up with us, they are free to access their unit any time day or night as they keep their own key and do not need to report at the reception. Store It! offers flexible short term leases from 14 days or monthly leases for as long as you require storage.

At Store It! we understand that the things you store matter to you, so we constantly strive to ensure that our storage facilities are a safe place for the things you love. Only paying customers who have received their individual PIN can access the storage area and we have 24 hour closed circuit cameras that record movement in the facility.

Simplicity in design combined with high technology features, we bring you affordable and secure storage solutions for the things that you love, because that is what you require. We also offer you the Store It! experience because this is what you deserve!